Opal Ocean

Domingo 4 de septiembre · 20:00h

Since the very beginning, every step that the Australian guitar duo of Alex Champ & Nadav Tabak have taken with their Prog/Acoustic Rock music as Opal Ocean, has been a massive leap forward in their evolution & career. With their incredible dedication to their craft, Opal Ocean has managed to beat all of the odds, rising from what were once humble street buskers with big dreams, to playing stages found all over the world.

Opal Ocean’s performance is a highly energetic and explosive mix of acoustic rock, metal and spanish / guitar techniques that get the party started. The goal at each show is to show the audience two guitars can punch as hard as a full band! From running around on stage to telling stories through instrumental madness an Opal Ocean show is something undoubtably unique and not to be missed.

After performing in over fifteen countries and having sold tens of thousands of copies of their records throughout their career, Opal Ocean has already achieved an impressive resume of accomplishments, but never takes a single moment to rest on their laurels.

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