Onda x Quinoa

Sábado 15 de octubre · 01:00h / Disco

“15th of October, Quinoa debuts in Tempo for an intimate gathering with our Brazilian friends! 🇧🇷

Together with Rafa Rosa and his Onda collective, we are inviting for their first time in Spain’s capital: Gromma and Ervn for a b2b set. Both are coming from Brazil where they developed their skills, taste and prestige before being invited to play internationally.

Along with the invitees, we have a Brazilian, Madrid dweller – Rafa Rosa, as well as our very own Solar Punk to sprinkle some farofa on your feijoada.

Don’t miss out and have saudade later. It’ll be very gostoso!”


Copas Gratis son hasta las 02:30h