Convergence feat. Vistel Brothers, Nelson Veras, Florian Arbenz, Rafael Jerjen

Miércoles 1 de febrero · 20:30h

Jorge Vistel: trumpet, Maikel Vistel: sax, Nelson Veras: guitar, Rafael Jerjen: bass, Florian Arbenz: drums

«Jazz is supposed to be the most unselfish of art forms. In jazz, you give yourself completely to make somebody else play their best. You try to do something to make them, inspire them to do something. So it is a matter of sacrifice.» Dizzy Gillespie

In this brand new cross-continent collaboration, acclaimed Swiss drummer Florian Arbenz joins the sensational Cuban Vistel Brothers (saxophone & trumpet) Brazilian guitar-star Nelson Veras and Swiss-Australian bassist Rafael Jerjen to launch «Convergence».

Florian Arbenz first met the Vistel Brothers while studying in Havana nearly 25 years ago. They were brought together again by star saxophonist Greg Osby, who has performed with both.

The musicians of «Convergence» are able to create an exciting group-sound, dedicating themselves to the specific music of the project, without losing their spontaneity and strong musical characters.

Despite the difficult themes and complicated forms that needed to be mastered for this Convergence project, the music has a very playful and almost party-like aspect.

This is the exciting spirit of Convergence! «Convergence» plays 21st century music based on knowledge, virtuosity, groove and fun – but the musicians also are strongly committed to respecting their roots.

Twitter: @FlorianArbenz